More fun at work

Just a bit of the fun I had on Friday at work. As an added bonus... it's a long-weekend for me. I hope that damn thing is stuck at the border until Tuesday. Hopefully it will also cause whatever work it's doing to be finished late, and someone to get fined a crapton of money. It'll all eventually be forwarded to the trucking company.

A bit of a story fro work. As some people know, I work as a customs broker. Anyway, some company is shipping an excavator into Canada. That's all fine and good, but it needs to go on multiple trucks. Ok, that can be set up easily.

After I get customs to approve it, the trucking company changes their barcode (which needs to be approved) not once, but TWICE... AND also needs me to change the number of trucks. And not at the same time either... this all required like... 8 phone calls and two hours of work!

This is mainly because for some god-forsaken reason, they're using two trucking companies... so I have to call to give updates and info twice. And then, the person at customs getting things approved winds up screwing up, and telling the truckers they all need DIFFERENT barcodes.

Yeah... no. It doesn't work like that. It's all one machine, it's all one barcode. So I say 'screw it, I'll wait until they're stuck at the border and watch the trucking company get fined $400 per truck for that stupidity.' No such luck... I got a call later saying they need it all changed to fix their problem. Why did I say 'screw it?' Because the trucking company should know this! The fact that I know more about trucking than the damn trucking company is just scary! But I go and fix it all, and pray that I'm finally done with this crap.

But oh no... that's not the end! One of the drivers decided to go to a different customs port! They said they'd call back soon if I needed to fix THAT mess.

Noone called by the end of my shift, so good. For all I care, it can be stuck in the USA for the weekend. That's 7 hours of my life I'm never getting back again.

And what the hell are you doing over there anyway?
Eeehehe... I'm spying on you.
You need help. Or a hobby or something.

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