Miracles can happen

Who would have thought the slaughter of thousands of minion lives would cause them to fear your name :P

Bah, why the hell did I have to be assigned to this mission? I bet the Captain would just be pissing himself laughing if he were watching.
Hmm... this is a little more encouraging at least. Maybe someone on this god-forsaken rock will actually be useful!
Excuse me... umm... purple thing. If I were to mention the name "Samus" to you, would you go running off into the distance screaming like a banshee? Or failing that, pray for death?
Oh god, what now?
Look, if Samus killed your friend, I'll let you go on the slide for fr... oh, hey. Can't say I've ever seen one of your species around here. Who and what might you be... and what'd Samus do this time?

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