Never an easy answer

Oh, here we go again with the 'disgusting' thing. Let it go already... we both know I'm hot.
No, but I wouldn't mind setting you on fire.
Ok, guys, can I just get ONE more question answered here? I just want to kn-
OR throw you into a pit of lava... but that's happened so much, you probably like it by now.
Oh, har-dee-har-har. I don't see...
Ok, y'know what? Screw this. I'll just ask around and see if anyone else on this damned planet can identify Samus.
Much, MUCH later...
Holy crap this planet is annoying. If I even MENTION the name Samus, everyone either flies off or runs away down some little hole. At least this... thing up ahead here looks like it can't move too fast.
You there... would you be so kind as to tell me who Sam-
I hate this planet.

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