The new model

A fat lot of good armour does against something 10 times your size and has teeth that can bite through rock like it was tissue paper.

So... yeah. After being tricked, both myself and Kraid were locked on Zebes for years.
Wow... that sucks man.
You have no idea. But anyway, so you're the new Space Pirate...
I mean damn... back in MY day, Space Pirates had like... half the size and a quarter the armour!
Upgrades man, a lot's happened since then. Hell, I bet nothing on this planet could even SCRATCH me with the current gen. armour.
I bet I could bite through that armour as if it was made of paper.
Aaaans mental note... Ridley has friends in high places. Large, LARGE friends.
With big teeth.
That are razor sharp!
That are ra-
Yeah, I got that.

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