Random crap

Ok, but anyway... so you're a Space Pirate. What brings you to this god-forsaken rock?
Well, I came looking for a bounty-hunter by the name of Samus. We got reports that she was somewhere in this quadrant.
Actually, before you go further... how the hell DID you get here, anyway? Some jackass called Metroid-thingy has this place isolated!
Y'know, it's the weirdest thing. We were on a mission, when everything suddenly kinda... shifted, and things were not quite the same.
Sometime long, long ago...
Hey Kabs. What's up?
Eh, not much. Uploading crap to Zebeth.
Cool, like what kinda stuff?
Hell if I know. I found some 4-gig data file named "Metroid stuff", so I just figured I'd let that upload in the background for like a year or two... or three.
You didn't even look at what's in it?
With a file that big?!? Pfft, screw that.

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