Not the best memory

And there you have it... that should answer most questions. And before you ask, I never turn off my computer. And the emulator's set to continue an interrupted upload as the next available time too, just in case.

What, you think they'd fight or something? Or if the file is filled with porn AND other Samuses...
And get a dozen Kraids in there with my luck. Yeah, like I'd allow THAT to happen.
Oohh... yeah, that could be messy.
So... with ALL the myriad of possibilities with a COMPLETELY unknown pile of data being used, shouldn't you at least GLANCE at the filenames?
Whatever, I can delete the crap I don't want after it's done. It's not like I'll just forget about the upload.
15 minutes after minimizing the upload window
MAN, why's the connection going so slow? Stupid internet provider. Well, whatever... if it loads Youtube videos, good enough.
Back in the present...
So... you're saying that the entirety of existence contains more than this dead-end planet now?
Well... I'M here, and I'm not from this planet...
Interesting... I smell more potential customers.

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