No million Samii

I actually hadn't even planned on doing this or the next comic, but figured I'd give people a bit more explanation as to how things work.

Ok, well... I'd have at least opened it to see if it's not just some randomly named porn or something... but assuming it's Metroid-stuff... wouldn't that like... kill everything, being stuck in uploading status forever?
Eh, it'd take to long if I opened it.
But no, assuming it's Metroid... enemies or some crap, they'd barely notice. Y'see, whenever the file was accessed last, that'd be what the enemies would be 'paused' doing when the file was closed.
And during the upload, they'll just STAY 'paused' until it's done. At that point, the data is accessed, and run from the emulator. Things might be a bit different, but assuming some data corrosponds to what they were doing, they shouldn't notice much.
I uhh... hope you've got a plan for if there's suddenly a hundred Samuses... Samii... whatever. Or what if her file is overwritten?
Oh, I set it to skip all duplicate filenames. God only knows what would happen with TWO Samii.

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