No fourth wall

Bonus thanks goes out to Lady Icy for the sprite of Ridley facing forwards :D.

One not-late-comic timeframe of reference later...
Wow... that was arguably the most concise, well-articulated, and completely justifiable explanation for knowing Samus I've ever heard.
I TOLD you it would make sense!
Why, it even explains why you've basically befriended all enemies, and have no enemies aside from Mother Brain herself and a Geruta.
Why yes... yes it does.
I like money, and I put it above pretty much all else. I offer goods and services for that money that noone else does, thus forcing everyone to like me. SEE? I didn't just cop-out like you thought I would.
Ok, that... was a little strange. Who were you talking to, repeating basically the exact same thing you said earlier, and what's this cop-out?
Nothing, just ignore that.
O... kay then.

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