Attack the ref at your own risk

Let's see... should I put the Fight Club rules here, or just put "Rule 1: Attacking the ref does not get you disqualified... it's just ridiculously foolish"

But anyway, that sounds like a pretty good plan you had back there... just hang out around here until she gets back.
That's the gist of it.
You seem strangely calm in regards to my obvious urge to kill a good customer.
Are you kidding? This is marketing GOLD! I'll be selling tickets to this fight and make A FORTUNE! And besides, my referee will stop any deaths.
Your referee?!? But who...
Break my battle rules, and you'll wish you had never been conceived, let alone born.
Ok, y'know what? Whatever, good enough. Maybe I can at least... maim her or something. And then kill her after she leaves the bar.
Mental note... sell tickets for two separate fights.

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