Just being helpful

Ahh, Kraid... the ability to remember damn near anything having to watch people struggle to remember things. If that's not something that would drive me insane... especially when knowing the answer... I don't know what would :P

Zuh? I don't follow.
Booze-room... locked... ring a bell?
Oh yeah... hell, why DID I lock that?
Lessee... umm... nope... I got nothing. Well hell, I can just open up tha-
Uhh, it was Samus.
Say what?
The Samii tried to kill you, and you locked the booze-room.
Oh yeah... that takes me back.
Yeah, screw you Samus. No booze for you. Also no party. *poof*
What. Have. You. DONE?!?
Sorry! Her inability to remember was driving me nuts! I can't stand seeing others forget things.

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