It's been a while

Educational AND annoying... the best way to learn. Well, Croc-hunter thinks so, anyway.

One slowly-inching-your-way-out-of-a-pit later...
Holy crap of a hell, that was a close one. Ok... area can be dangerous. I'm thinking I should probably come up with a way of marking this pit in case I run into a dead-end.
Alright, mental note... rubble surrounded area is bad. Well, except I suppose the rubble still around the crater where I fell, but I'm not all that fond of that spot either.
*kick* *clink*
And for lack of a better idea and not wanting to fall into a horrible possibly-lava-filled demise, I guess I'll just kick this other chunk of rubble in front of me. GOD this is going to take forever.
Meanwhile, far away...
...on't harm others. Don't harm others. Don't harm ot...
How have you not starved by now?

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