No trust nowadays

Actually yeah, serious question. HOW have you not starved?!?
...ers. Don't harm others. Don't harm others. Don't h...
...arm... oh. Well, whenever you fall into a horribly restless sleep from exhaustion, I sneak off for food. Also I nap a bit. You're waking up always wakes me up, and then I start back up again.
...You clever bastard.
So anyway... don't harm others. Don't harm oth-
Wait, stop. Fine, I won't harm... harm others or whatever. Will you shut the hell up now?
Nope, don't believe you. Don't harm others. Don't harm others. Don't harm others. Don't ha-
So what, you plan to keep this up until one of us is dead?
Nope. Just until I believe you'll stop. Don't har...
Son of a bitch.

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