Strong glass

Approximately 50 meters away
Whah was tha?
I mean... well... no, still damnit.
Re-remin me to squish thah guy.
Yeah, whatever. Man, you look like shit. *clink*
HEY! Doan break my jar.
*clink* *plink*
I feel like I'd puke, if I had an orifice through which to puke, and had injested something pukable.
Ugh. Well anyway, there's no way you'll last another go.
Well... was Crocomire Hunter crushed at least?
Oh, hell no. We dragged him out of the way long beforehand. We like him, remember?
Crikey, it hurts so bad!
If it makes you feel any better, he didn't really like the dragging part.

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