Almost wrengled

So close, yet so very far. Damn necessity of using legs for walking!

But let's deal with the mess over here first.
HEY! Don't forget that you turned me INTO This mess!
Technically, the ceiling-minions did... hopefully to shift the blame off of me.
Not bloody likely... but if you can get me out of this mess, there may be a non-dead future for you yet.
Alright then, thinking time. Let's see... cracked jar... upside down...
Oohh, Mother Brain's jar is damaged? Crikey, I should finally be able to wrangle her good and proper now!
Well, let's have a test to find out, shall we? Can you move your legs even in the slightest right now?
Well... not so much 'move' as 'feel blinding amounts of agony from'... but I'm sure in a few miutes...
Yeah, good luck with that. In the meantime... back to the issue at hand.
Or else.
Right, the death part. Just give me a minute, ok?

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