Drinks and a show

Awesome! Time to... wait... where's Samus?
Hell if I know. She buggered off a while ago. No clue if she's near or far. Just drink away those fear.
Although that green guy over there is a bit of a wild-card. I don't really know what he'll do sober, let alone drunk off his ass. He's a Space Pirate and listens to me for the most part... but I don't know about when he's hammered.
WOOH! Holy god damn, thah shtuff has... has KICK to it!
So yeah... bit of a toss-up, but he's pretty wasted, so I wouldn't be too worried.
ALIENSH! I gotsh... *hic* gotsh to killsh da ALIENSH. Shtop blurring yoursh- *hic*
*bzam* *bzam*
Eh, wouldn't worry about it. He tried to attack, but shot his own leg. Twice.
Shtop fighting back! *hic* I'll shoot you agai-*hic*
And I think we now have drinking entertainment.
Break out the booze!

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