Just kidding

You can't go through life without being a bit of a dick every now and then :P

RIDLEY! Word on the street is that you have booze again! Confirm for me that good news that we all want to hear.
Damnit, AGAIN?!? Why does everyone keep thinking that?
Umm... say what?
I have a BRUISE! I was yelling earlier that Kraid was screwing around and gave me a BRUISE, and some idiot went off saying we have alcohol again.
...You're shitting me.
Oh for the love of... GUYS! FALSE ALARM! We've got a rumour-spreader to find and lynch. Yeah, no... he's still bone-dry.
Naaaah, I'm just screwing with you guys. Get your asses back in here and get drunk.
Damnit, don't DO that!

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