Wave beam for the win

And it turns out the Space Pirate ISN'T completely useless after all.

And if you're wondering why the doors stayed blue... play any Metroid game and open a missile-door. Or any type of locked door.

Aaaaaw yeah... that's the stuff. WAY too long since I've gotten some of this sweet nectar.
Y'know, it's the damnedest thing...
That currently drunk-assed Space Pirate over there was wondering why I wasn't serving drinks. I gave him the gist of the locked booze-room, so he wants to have a crack at the door.
So it turns out his weird, wavy green beams kind phased through the outside, but triggered the door system from the INSIDE of the door itself. So yeah, hello booze. The doors just stayed blue after that.
So wait... that means...
*sigh* Yes.

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