Where are they now

At least she's making progress. Maybe.

Moments later
*sigh* Well, there goes my only useful source of conversation. I was hoping he wouldn't gulp that drink so fast. Now I only have mumbling drunks and passed out minions to chat with.
Damnit, where the hell is everyone else that can hold their alcohol. Then again... when a minion drinks half his body weight in vodka, you can't expect TOO much, but still... where is everyone?
Whelp... I've managed to pull my leg bones back straight, so at least they won't heal crooked.
Umm... can I maybe help you mov-
DON'T TOUCH ME! Sorry... but it really, REALLY hurts to move even the slightest bit at the moment. I think I best just sit here for a while.
Elsewhere still
Hey, y'know what'd be nice about now? Anything OTHER than this damn purple-ground sometime.

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