Wakey, wakey

Ok, well... first things first, I've gotta get into a new... me. Can't do much without a jar, and while in agonizing pain. To the clonatorium!
Yyyyep... some kind of customer-related activity would be nice around here now. Hell, I'm getting so bored, I'm tempted to clean the deep-fryer for the first time in forev-
Whup, to hell with that, it sounds like the first of the inevitable hangovers has woken up. Hey greeny, glad to see you didn't die of alcohol poisoning.
Oh god... my head feels like a door was slammed on it a dozen times.
Only about five.
...Wait, what? You let people drink enough to die, AND let them get injured in your bar? What the hell do you call THAT?!?
Well, I call the end result the 'brunch special'.
Aaaand that's when I just stop asking questions.

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