A fair reward

Well, he IS taking up room other bar patrons could be filling.

Some time later
Ugh... where am I? What the hell happened?
You're getting charged five dollars an hour for soaking up valuable real-estate is what you're doing. You're at the bar.
Wha- what the hell happened? Why am I at the bar? Where's Gronky?
Take it easy, or it'll be a dollar a question. In answer to your questions, hell if I know, a few Rios dragged you here, and hell if I know.
Umm... am I getting charged yet?
Nnnnot quite, you haven't pissed me off enough.
Ok, do you know where the Rios went? I have to ask them what happened.
I rewarded them for saving you.
GREAT! Where are they?
I gave them free unlimited slides on the Super Happy Fun Slide. Incidentally, would you like a snack now that you're awake?
You disgust me, you know that?
Well aware of it.

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