Gotta profit somehow

Ugh, well... I've got things to check out. Thanks for letting me rest up in your bar, Ridley.

Umm... you sure you should be moving? From what I'm told, your legs were broken like... THREE TIMES... twice TODAY!
Oh, they're just exaggerating. One of those two times was just being RE-broken... WORLD of difference! I just have to be careful and not do something like jump off the table here. See?
*slide* *step*

Alright, whatever floats your boat.
And there we go... good as new.
Y'know... I know you heal fast and all, but that's still pretty damn remarkable. Also... you owe me fifteen dollars.
...So... you planning on... y'know... moving?
Yyyyeah, just a minute. My legs are kinda... barely holding me up right now.
Taking up a eating space is two bucks an hour.
But the bar is empty!
Yet you're still making me money.

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