They meet at last

Ugh, too many annoyances. It feels like I've been messing around here for friggin' MONTHS! This boss damn well better be worth all this.
Yo, M.B, the intruder's almost here. Just a heads-up.
Bah, I REALLY should have gotten around to instaling those turrets around here. Oh well, no great loss.
CRAP! I think he's alre-
*bzam* *BWAM*
Great, now I need to find a new scout. And he was a good one, too.
You know, I gotta say... you're significantly less concerned than I thought you'd be about the whole... me barging in here.
I've got thousands of other minions, and a room full of spare bodies I can transfer into. I'm not all that worried.
That'll do it.

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