Only following orders

Note: If it isn't painfully obvious yet, word simply hasn't gotten back to Tourian yet about the Space Pirate. For one, MB's guards tend to... y'know... guard, and not go wandering half a planet away. For two, MB's been a bit preoccupied cloning herself into a fresh body.

Oohh, new ground again. At least this means I'm not just going in circles or something.
Woah, hold it there. You don't look like any species I've ever seen before. I'm gonna have to check with the boss before I can let you go further.
You've gotta be shitting me. Look, I'm not in the mood to be "turned back"
C'mon man, work with me here. I've got orders to follow, so if you just hang on for like... five min-
*bzam* *BWAM*
Blah, blah, blah, not listening. Although I think I'll grant myself with an audience with this "boss". They might actually be useful.
Yo, MB... just a heads up. Some weird, green thing has been spotted a ways off. Noone's entirely sure what it is.
Great, I clone up a fresh me, and now I have to deal with intruders before I can even break me in.

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