Something right in the world

And then suddenly... things seemed not quite so bad any more.

Ok, well first we sh-woah. What the hell?
What? Did you suddenly realize that you're an idiot, and I need rest and healing?
What? No, nothing like that.
No, it's like... I don't know how to describe it. But I feel different. About me. About you.
Different, as in "I feel bad about hurting poor Crocomire Hunter", or "I shouldn't be dragging him to god knows where because you're bored?"
What, no, I'm fine with all that. Dude man, stop trying to make this about yourself all the time.
See, there you go again. You've gotta stop doing that. It's not very nice.
Oh, go to hell.
I feel good about it. It's like something, somewhere has gone "right" in the world.
Can I go back to the bar and rest?
I'm feeling too good to do nothing. Let's go find us some adventure!
That's what I figured

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