Not adventurous enough

So enough lazing around... let's go do stuff!
*grab* *swing*
ACK! It wasn't lazing around, it was the fact that I can BARELY MOVE!
Are you still going on about that? Stop being such a sourpuss. I've got a feeling that cool stuff is just WAITING for us to come across it.
Well, there IS occasionally interesting stuff here and there.
YAAAAY! THAT'S the spirit finally!
*gronk* *gronk* *gronk*
*grunk* *grunk*
Oohh, stop here, stop here! Kraid!
Pfft, boooooring. Who wants to listen to that Dessgeega whine on and on about nothing.
No, I want to see the Gronkies!
*thump* Dessgeegas are stupid anyway. Adventure time!
*gronk* *gronk*

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