Too good of a story

Hey, when you're all sucked into a story, it'll take a helluva lot to drag you out of it.

Well, they were surprisingly forthcoming with that info. Last time everyone is useless, and now the first time I ask for help it's like BAM, instant confirmation.
Ahh, we meet again, Ridley's bar. Hopefully Samus is still here. Well, only one way to find out. Let's prep my blaster and see what I can do.
...and I'm talking about a TON of beer. Like seriously it mu-
*run* THERE you are! PREPARE TO...
So anyway Ridley, you were saying about the Sidehopper and the beer?
Umm... what about that guy?
Whatever, I want to hear the end of this. I'll just keep re-freezing him for a while.

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