Not the fondest memories

Perhaps you remember when poor Ridley met that same fate.

Well, spit it out, how'd it happen? Details man, I need details!
I'd actually rather not relive those memories, thanks.
It's kinda hard to give details...
Oh thank god.
But I can give as much as I can.
Damn it all to hell!
I couldn't really give any visual descriptions either... all this took place when the planet was paused.
That would explain how you even managed to pull it off in the first place. I spent most of that time sneaking more booze into my glass.
Oh, suck it up, you charge too much for this as is.
So anyway... on with the crikeying. And boy, was it EVER a crikeying! Why, she's so big, there was almost more body than I could crikey! Almost.
Y'know what, screw this, I'll come back when you're done.
Yeah, whatever, get on with it!

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