Not the best ice-breaker

I wanted to use the title 'Important things first', but it appears I've used that in my last comic, and it'd just be confusing having the same title twice (or having v.2 after it for this one).

*whoosh* *thwup*
Well... this is going to be either annoying, or hilarious. Bets anyone?
It's KRAID! This has GOTTA end hilariously!
Got-gotta see if he keeps his end of th- *hic* the deal.
Alright, one for hilarious, one for disturbing, got it.
And we have 'annoying' off to a pretty solid lead.
What? Who's dow- oh, HEY MAN! It's been a while! Whatcha been up to la-
Talk soon, important first. Your mandibles, my lips, here, now!
Your... wait, what?
Aaaand 'disturbing' has just skyrocketted into first place.
*hic* Yay?

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