Important things first

Howmanyhowmanyhowmanyhowmany??? What are their names? When did they start to recruit? For the love of god man, what are their NAMES?!?
Dude! Chill.
Ok, for starters, I think they started recruit-
NAMES MAN, NAMES! Important stuff first!
Like HELL I give two shits about their names! I don't think I even HEARD them say a name.
Oh right, the whole 'no saying names in front of non-tribe members' thing. Dang.
Wait, is that the only reason you haven't blithered your 'long' name to me ever since back then?
Yeah, why?
Best. Rule. Ever.
Ok, well whatever... jerk. But anyway, what can you tell me about them Ridley? Whatwhatwhat?
I don't know! They come here and drink whenever Samus isn't around. Just friggin' go outthere and ask them your own damn self.

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