Valid concerns

Aaaand Samus was kinda right... just not how she expected.

*mumble* *grumble* Kraid *grumble mandible...
Remember... for a fellow Trabnagian!
*GRUMBLE* *mumble*
Man, am I gonna love destroying the crap out of that stupid poster.
What makes YOU so confident taht they're going to turn me down?
Dude man... you're Kraid. 'Nuff said.
Well, there IS always the worry that he gets a man-crush on me afterwards, but I'm willing to tak-
Please don't make me vomit.
Several minutes later
So... I've talked it over with everyone.
Awright, get your leglike appendages down here and let's do this thing.
Yyyyeah, about that. Nobody is willing to kiss you.
WHAT? WHY NOT?!? But... but... the tribe!
Oh, it has nothing to do with the tribe. As a fellow member, we'd do just about anything for you. We're just afraid you'd... y'know... eat us.
Not on purpose. We all just think that when we're near your outh, you'd just kinda... swallow us. Purely out of force of habit.
Gotta say, that IS a valid concern.

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