The deciding factor

Sadly, promising Kraid a crikey if he eats the Zoomer wouldn't work, since it still comes down to him eating unconsciously.

So... nothing I can do to change your mind? Recruit some new tribe members? Booze? C'mon!
And let's see... all of those still end with a not insignificant chance of being devoured alive. Yyyyep, still gonna have to pass.
Cool, I'll see you guys later, I've got a poster to destroy.
Son of a bitch, so close.
You've changed your mind? WOOO-
Now don't get over-excited just yet. As much as I fear being eaten, and as little as I care about the poster... let's not forget the most important factor... that if I kiss you... it'll screw over Samus.
...Ouch, man.
And my blasting the crap out of you will screw YOU over.
And if you do, by god I will crikey the everloving PISS out of you.
Well, that covers one problem. But there's one other precaution I need...
Is this REALLY necessary? You have no idea. Now let's check the lengths again... not a centimeter too long!
So stupid... can't turn away...

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