A bit unexpected

If it wasn't obvious, Samus clearly got the X-ray visor. I also made it a full-screen visor like in the Prime games, since it never made sense to me that in the SNES version, it was only a directed conical beam in front of you. That just... doesn't make sense from a physical standpoint. I suppose it could have been a small, physical eyepiece that moves around in Samus' helmet, but that's just silly. It'd make far more sense that everything she sees is X-ray vision.

I hope you like the X-ray vision for these guys too, because it took me forever to eventually decide on how to draw Kraid's skeleton. Samus was relatively easy by comparison. But I've been anticipating making their X-ray forms for a while now.

Hmm... seems to be a new visor, so let's just switch to it and see...
*blip* So... what'cha seeing Samus? What's the new visor do?
*curl* Oh god... I cannot unsee what I just saw... I cannot unsee what I just saw...
So... a good thing then?

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