Nightmare scope

Oh, come on Samus. I'm no more a demon monster than I usually am. No wait, I'm not a demon at all. OR a monster. Well, kinda not a monster, maybe. What the hell did you see?
I saw... you. I saw ALL of you.
So... a good thing then.
Please never smile ever again. Ever.
Awww... but I LIKE to smile. Well screw you, I'll smile when I want.
Ugh, whatever, I'll just avoid looking at you like I always try to do. Let's just get the hell out of here already.
But you still never said what the item was.
*jump* I want to say it's a viewing portal to a nightmare world, but I think it's just a useless x-ray vision of some sort.
DAMNIT! Give it back!
Ummm... no.

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