A cruel taunting

Gotta give Samus credit for being able to turn anything around such that it somehow hurts Kraid.

Aww, c'mon Samus... gimme the x-ray thing. C'mon. Samus. Samus! You don't even like it! It's totally made for me! I bet it was put here SPECIFICALLY for me! C'm-
No, no, no, you're an idiot, no, no, no, and you're SUCH an idiot.
-on, c'mon, please, please, please?
*turn* KRAID! SHUT UP! Ok, fine, FINE! Tell you what... I'll trade you this x-ray vision... for the high jump.
......Ahhh, THERE'S the look of utter disappointment that tells me it finally sank in.
DAMNIT! SAMUS! I don't know how to remove it! It's not a... thing... on me. I just DO it. Samus! Help! I wanna trade! I WANNA TRAAAAAAADE!
Yep, juuuuust let me know when you're ready to give me high jump, and we'll trade.

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