Never again

Ummm... you gonna be alright there Samus?
*HURK* Just... *gulp* just gimme a minute. Oh sweet hell, that's possibly the worst thing I've ever seen. And I'm a bounty hunter! I'VE SEEN A LOT!
Ok... deep breaths... take it easy. Ok... ok, I think I'm good now.
Ok, so you believe me now? About the bombs?
Yes, sure, whatever, I don't care any more. Just never EVER do that in front of me again.
Because seriously... if I EVER have to lay witness to that again, nobody will ever find any little piece of you ever again.
Man, what's with today. If I'm not seeing some x-reay thing of you, I'm seeing a bizarre abomination of physics and nature combining to create something that should have no way of existing.
I guess I'm just taht awesome.
Not the adjective I would have picked.

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