A quick recap

The recap is mainly because there was a good bit of time between comics for the last bit. Real life has been keeping me busy it seems.

Ok, so wait a minute... what the hell WERE we doing? I swear so much idiotic crap has been going on, I forgot why we were anywhere other than drinking ourselves stupid at the bar.
Umm... Mother Brain, I think.
Right, right, THAT thing.
And how did you manage to remember THAT, but can't get concepts like 'can't remove items' through that vacant space you call your skull?
I dunno, why do you have such trouble remembering anything simple like where you're going.
Ok, before you say or do anything, I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that I'd REALLY like to be given the chance to rephrase that.
Yeah... that ship sailed long ago.
I know. Well... probably best that I flee now.
Won't work, but go for it.

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