A horrifying concept

Hey... hey Samus...
Ugh, it's bad enough that I have to put up with hearing you abll up since it's just too damn useful to never do, but do I HAVE to listen to you go on about it? What, what do you want?
I was just thinkin'
Y'know that x-ray looking thingy you got? You should totally try looking at me with that WHILE I'm in ball form!
HAH! Yeah I'm go- oh... oh god. Oh GOD NO! Oh sweet jesus, I thought you were going to say something stupid. That's just HORRIFYING!
WHY?!? WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THAT?!? I honestly think I might be traumatized just from having contemplated the CONCEPT of it!
Or what about WHILE I'm balling up?
WHY DO YOU KEEP TALKING?!? AAAUUGH! Well... that's over. I can never use this power ever again.
Well, except if I'm not around.
But I want you to tel me what I look liiiiiiike!
DEATH FIRST! I'm only glad that I thought it was stupid to begin with.

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