Responsibility sucks

Kraid must never get the upper hand. Ever.

Umm... ok, so I gots one more think to ask, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna regret it.
*turn* Don't you DARE transform right now!!! Also, if you have to ask, then yes... yes you will regret it.
You seem pretty pissed off. Why aren't you missiling me right now?
What? Hell, a MULTITUDE of reasons! One, I'm saving missiles. Two, you might unball from the impact. Three, you might enjoyu it. Four, you might unball from the impact AND enjoy it.
Sooooo... you're saying being balled up is the perfect anti-missile defense?
S... Samus? Did... did I just outsmart you?
If you EVER try using balling up as a missile defense against me, I will NEVER hang out with you EVER again.
...Ouch. MAN, that sucks. Now I have to use my powers RESPONSIBLY! Pffft.

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