Enlisting Floaty

Because seriously, what minions DON'T hate her?

Ok, well I've spent infinitely too much time screwing around here...
That's what she s-
Shutup Kraid... so I don't care if you walk, roll, or grapple your way, let's get the hell out of here and find Mother Brain already. She's a giant brain, it can't be THAT hard.
I dunno Samus... she IS a big brain. That means she should be able to think of a really good hiding spot, and truck us, an-
Yo, hold that thought a second.
Yo, Floaty McGee.
The name is actuall Ste-
Yeah, yeah, look, we're gonna go kill Mother Brain. Assuming you enjoy living, you wanna give us a shove in the right direction?
Oh HEEEEELLS yeah! Not be killed by Samus, AND get rid of the minion-crusher? You might as well tell me I just won free booze at Ridley's!
Or maybe just a ride down the slide, but awesome, yeah, let's get this show on the road.
Or it could be stupidly easy, that's an option too.

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