Goodbye green

Much wandering later
THERE! We FINALLY got out of that damn green-groundy area and into the white. We can't be THAT far away from her now. We're making awesome time here! Yeah, strange how actually knowing where you're going helps when you want to get anywhere.
You are SERIOUSLY pushing your luck. Don't forget I can just keep freezing you to be an ass, too.
Yeah, yeah, we all want her gone. But seriously, are you sure you can actually take her out? I mean... she's really, REALLY fat, and pretty solid.
MAN, I've got missiles up the ying-yang, and if we can catch her outside the Zeebetities, it shouldn't be a problem. And seriously... she's pretty useless.
Ow! I feel somehow... insulted. Also some bizarre feeling of imminent doom. But mainly insulted. I might need to stomp a minion or two to cheer me up.

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