It's a secret to everybody

I was almost tempted to throw in the line "I'm telling Ridley on you!"

Also, thank you Legend Of Zelda for the idea for the title of this comic.

Ok, but I've gotta get your word here. Do you have many minion friends? You can't tell them. Maybe you can steer them away, but you CAN'T TELL THEM. If word was widespread, this would have a ripple effect that would affect Kraid, me, basically most people on this planet. Everyone.
Eh, I've got a few acquaintances, no real solid friends. In case you haven't figured it out, most minions frickin' LOVE Mother Brain for some gods-forsaken reason. Why do you think they lead you off down the wrong path and whatnot?
*sigh* Ok then, here goes. Are you aware of... the slide?
Oh, Ridley's slide? Oh HELLS yeah! I was gonna go check that out with some guys a while ago, but I got lazy. I was gonna ask them how it was, but I don't think they're back yet. But that's like... a 'thing' most people talk about checking out some day.
The slide is a lie.
The slide... wait, what? What's a lie? Is it like... too flat or something?
Y'know how I said this would save your life? DON'T GO DOWN THE SLIDE. The guys who you don't think are back yet? Yeah, don't hold your breath waiting for them.

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