About time

Her ego knows no bounds.

Several minutes later
Hey Mom... you will SERIOUSLY not believe what kind of crap some idiot is trying to pull here.
Ugh, what now?
Some guy wants me to pass on the message that... get this... there's an AMBASSADOR... from the planet "Verwa"... named "Kramusain". KRAMUSAIN! Who just HAPPENS to be unable to fit through any doors, and you have to meet them.
Well it's about damn TIME! I've been lording over this place for DECADES, and not ONCE have any royal dignitaries come to visit. It's well known that I can't move around much. FINALLY, visitors.
Look, it's my job to protect you, so hear me out. Think about this. Kramusain. Kra-mus-ain. Doesn't that sound even SLIGHTLY suspicious?
Now that you mention it...

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