Sounds legit

Surely you remember the Metroid Relocation Area.

Now hold on a second Bill, let's hear him out. Ever since Kabutroid swept up all the Metroids, it's up to US to keep her safe now. And since WE can actually speak, this is our chance to show her we're better than those green bastards.
Ugh, FINE.
So, what's this "stuff" that's so important?
Oh, umm... she has a... visitor from... another planet. Yeah, important guy, ambassador Kra...mus... ain. Yes, Kramusain, from the planet Verwa. Also, he's just too darn big to fit through the doors.
Kramusain, from Verwa, got it. Back in a few minutes, guys.
WHAT?!? Wow, awesome, thanks man, you're the best!

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