Know thyself

Y'know, now that I think about it, this is a kinda interesting poll question. Let's see what people think on this one. In the Metroid universe, ignoring what I've said in the comic, do you think that the enemies would be aware of what item drop they carry?

Do you think the enemies in Metroid knew what item drop they had?

Are you SURE you don't have another massive missile drop if I kill you?
NO! Errr, wait... yes?
Look, hvaing previously been an enemy, AND having previously been killed by you once already, I can tell you that we all know EXACTLY what item drop we have. Still do! Hell, knowing this stupid planet, you probably know YOURSELF if you have an item and what it is.
You're crazy, that doesn't even make sense.
What do you "have". Don't think about it, just answer it.
...My health?
...Oh god, I only have a health point drop?!?
Which you technically knew all along!
That's even MORE depressing!

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