There's plenty more

Right, right... he's always had it

And just to clear it up before anyone asks, no, having Geruta fly up to them wasn't a cop-out. I was going to have Kraid grab Geruta from a distance anyway. It looked like crap however, with trying to arrange text bubbles between someone way up high and the other way down low, and long grapple beams... just didn't work out. Therefore, this seemed like the best compromise.

You may want to elaborate, because I'm PRETTY sure this defenseless Mother Brain is about to eat a pile of missiles.
*swoop* Pfft, go for it.
Then we'll just watch the next one. There's like... another 30, maybe 40 of those damn things kicking around.
*toing* Hey Geruta!
Right, clones. Shit. Well, where the hell is the... generator, or whatever.
HAH, good luck with that. Later, idio-
*sigh* Kraid, grab him please?
HEY! When the hell could you do THAT?!?
Oh, I got it f.fffforever. Right, always had this.
Why in the hell did you fly right up to us, anyway?
...I don't like talking to people from a distance.
HAH! Bet that's changing today.

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