Hated her from the beginning

Or about as close to the beginning as possible.

And YOU Kraid... TRAITOR! TURNCOAT! You used to BE an enemy like me! And now THIS?
Sorry man, nothing personal, this is about Mother Brain. Bitch was a slave driver.
Now that we're all caught up and back to being a big, happy family... where would I find the... heart of the clonatorium... or whatever runs this thing.
Should I assume I get blasted to smithereens if I don't answer?
Oh, we both know the answer to that one.
Ugh, fine. She IS a slave driver.
Oh hey, Ger- wait, what's happening?
Change of plan, guys. We're killing Mother Brain instead.
*hop* *toing*
Come with if you want, but... yeah, things changed when a missile cannon was pointed at my face. Just try not to get in the way.

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