Workplace disruptions

Oh hey, let's see how THEY'RE going to take it.

Well... can certainly say I wasn't expecting this. At least now unemployed masses will flood to my bar seeking solace.
You're all heart there, Ridley.
Well whatever, I've been through... rough times with her. YOU don't exactly look broken up.
I don't think any of us have even SEEN her. We just get our orders, and go about our business.
Although y'know... this'll probably cause SOME kind of disruption. I'm sure this'll be all they talk about at work. I wonder who else is going to be affected by this.
-Kabutroid's Metroid Relocation Area - Do not break glass - This means you, Kraid-
<...So then Carl says->
<Hey, guys... guess which timer just disappeared.>

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