Pulling through

Wonder how many people saw THIS coming however. Not that he doesn't have a taste for it already.

Huh... timer's running pretty low. Guess they didn't have any luck finding whatever clones her.
Guess it makes sense she'd have it well hidden.
Well yeah, we all kinda wrote this off as a wild goose chase. Guess the timer built up suspense or something, kinda unrealistic to expect Samus to be able t-
OH! Oh hey, the timer just disappeared!
WHAT?!? Well WAY TO DISTRACT US the absolute SECOND before it stops!
How the hell was I supposed to know?!? Guess Samus pulled through after all.
KRAID! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!? That STUPID missile glitch just turned off my visor! Did I fire a missle?!? KRAID!!!

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