Oh, I didn't mention?

I kinda debated how to do Kraid's tongue in this one... messed around with it for a while, seeing I could make it look any better.

Alas, this is about as good as I could get it. I also didn't want to make it too red and have it just blend in.

C'mon blindey, we'll figure this out as we go. We shold bail before someone notices she's dead.
Right, god knows what's in store for us. Let's get the hell out of here.
WOOH, THE BRAIN-SLAYER HAS EME- woah, wow... what the hell happened?
Metroid-thingy happened! Stupid negative missiles and their... glitches.
Uhh, not you, Kraid.
Kraid?!? What the hell did KRAID do?
Oh, right, I ate Mother Brain's still-beating heart to kill her.

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