Only one option

Really, without a visor, there's just about only one way of getting Samus out of there in any reasonable time. The only choice is to be balled up or not, and this just about the most efficient way of doing it.

Several long minutes later
For the love of god, how much longer must I listen to this?
Yeah man, seriously, pick up the pace.
Well what would you rather see, me clean, or covered in brain-heart?
There, that wasn't so bad, see?
Actually, NO! Just... help me get out of here, we don't have time to figure this out right now.
Ok, well... there's about only one way of doing this... and we both know you're going to hate it.
Ugh, FINE!
Momemnts later
I on the other hand...
Please don't finish that thought.
...LOVE this arrangement. much... hate...
Soooo... I'm not sure what to do right now.
Hell if I care, I've got a Samus-ball!

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